Love Story

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Date: 1981
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Produced by the Hindi film star Rajendra Kumar, Love story (1981, directed by Rahul Rawaii, who had assisted Raj Kapoor in directing Bobby) was a star vehicle for his son, Kumar Gaurav. Like the later films Qayamat se qayamat tak (1988) and Teree Sang (2009), Love story focuses on generational conflict underpinned by parental prohibitions regarding who the young people can love. Vijay (Rajendra Kumar) and Ram (Danny Denzongpa) are college friends who both love Suman (Vidya Sinha). Suman marries Ram and they have a daughter, Pinky (Vijeta Pandit), while Vijay fathers a boy, Bunty (Kumar Gaurav), and his wife dies in childbirth. Bunty and Pinky meet coincidentally as adolescents having both run away from home, rejecting their fathers’ wishes to adopt the family trade and get married respectively. They are discovered and handcuffed together by a man employed to search for them, during which time they fall in love, and subsequently establish a domestic life in a cottage in Kashmir. Ram eventually finds them and forcibly removes Pinky, but after an episode in which Bunty saves Ram’s life, the legitimacy of the young people’s love is recognised and they marry. – Liam Grealy

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