Dil Dosti Etc

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Date: 2007


Unlike cult favourite Dil Chahta Hai (2001), which features characters in the midst of or following their university years, Dil Dosti Etc. (2007) catches its protagonists at their entry into college. A largely conventional teen film, the narrative centrally follows Apurva (Imaad Shah) and Sanjay (Shreyas Talpade) among an ensemble cast, who are diegetically opposed by their respective sexual and political pursuits. This is explicit in their wager that Sanjay will succeed in the college Presidential election and “slacker” Apurva will have sex with three different women before the election result is announced. Capturing the potential of youth that the film exploits, Apurva notes: “When you are young, you believe the possibilities are endless” and “They say college makes a man out of you”. As hostel roommates in their Delhi university, Apurva and Sanjay are juxtaposed as representing urban, cosmopolitan and traditional, mofussil India (Sanjay is from Bihar). Apurva’s family life is shown as fractious and unloving, as explanatory for his sex quests, while Sanjay baulks at the open sexuality of his modern girlfriend Prerna (Nikita Anand). In reviews, Dik Dosti Etc. was framed as a confronting look at contemporary Indian youth culture: “Though older generations might scoff at the at times explicit screenplay, it’s important to realize that the film mirrors what is going on in college campuses all across India” (Planet Bollywood). It was rated A (Adult) and contains sex scenes and references, some violence, profanity, and drug use. – Liam Grealy

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